Lord Amran

The former lord of Seawatch, gone before his time.


Lord Amran ruled Seawatch for many years, and was greatly respected through the region as a force for order and lawfulness against pirates and bandits both. At fifty, he was still a capable warrior, with wisdom and experience to guide him even if the sword drew a little slower. He was still a hale and healthy man… and yet, the disease that laid him low struck as swiftly as a storm may rise.

About two months before the events of the campaign, Amran began complaining of lethargy and fatigue. He took to his rooms to rest, but each day found him weaker. Soren Saerith, the head cleric of Pelor at the keep, tried to identify and treat his disease, but it was beyond his abilities to treat. Traveling wise men and clerics of other gods were also called in to try and help, to no avail.

Hanging on a tenacious week, Amran finally shuffed off his mortal coil. Those who attended his deathbed said he was but a shadow of himself, near wasted away.

In sweaty deliriums he often murmured of snakes.

In Gaion: The unquiet ghost of Lord Amran appears to have wound up in the spirit maze of Gaion. While he was not terribly coherent, the party gathered that he claims to have been poisoned and that he cannot rest easy or go to his after life. He is very worried over the safety of his daughter, Amara, believing her to be in danger from the traitor.

Lord Amran

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