Headmaster Pendergast

One of the former headmasters of the Academy, trapped there in his afterlife with colleagues he hates.


Archmage Arturo Mellonius Pendergast, a wizard of the Ninth Order, headmaster of the Academy after the disappearance (death?) of the wizard Tarmannan. And a grumpy sonuvagun. Perhaps it’s being condemned to 500 years of afterlife with colleagues who irritate him.

Despite having been a powerful wizard in life, Pendergast seems to be substantially less powerful as a ghost, having difficulty using spells that should be simple for him. Additionally, Pendergast makes allusions to being ‘stuck’ at the Academy, so presumably he is unable to free himself from whatever magical force binds him here.

He has an acrimonious relationship with his colleagues Bao Cheng and Cynthia, who live nearby.

Squirrel Group: Matharath has annoyed Pendergast considerably, and has a default hostile reaction from Pendergast. Milia has favorably impressed Pendergast.

Online Group: Vash has favorably impressed Pendergast.

Headmaster Pendergast

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