Gul Mak Morn

A half-orc barbarian who can warn of the dangers of Old Gaion.


During the party’s stay at the Eagle, they run into Gul Mak Morn, a half-orc barbarian trying to drown her woes in rotgut liquor. Conversation with the half-orc leads to the revelation that she was part of an adventuring party exploring Old Gaion, before most of the party (presumably) met a grisly fate, and Gul fled back to the city.

If the party is willing to decipher the mutterings of a drunken half-orc, they can learn useful things about the city.

Update: Gul has been invited to accompany the party into Old Gaion, and seems delighted to have made ‘new friends’.

Gul Mak Morn

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