Sir Dekkon

A knight of Seawatch and a paladin of Pelor.


Though young, this knight is a veteran of many battles for the region, as well as a dedicated champion of Pelor. He served as squire to Lord Amran for several years before being knighted by his hand. Since then, Dekkon has been tireless in pursuit of Seawatch’s enemies, leading sorties against pirates and goblins alike, determined both to make a name for himself and to be worthy of the hand of Amran’s daughter, Amara.

Lord Amran’s untimely death has left the young paladin stricken, but all the more determined to serve his lady in whatever capacity she has need of him.

Dekkon was assigned charge of the diplomatic mission to alert the region of the orcish threat, and led the party out from Seawatch. However, he fell to the venomous attack of a spider that seemed to be targeting him in particular. While he survived the initial onslaught of the poison, he was in no condition to continue traveling, and the party left him in the care of the Flintburn dwarves, being tended by the cleric (?) Bel Dustwalker.

Sir Dekkon

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