Storms over Seawatch

The Day the Music Died

The death of a party member puts the group at a crossroads.

[Game Date: 12/10/11]

Characters present: Milia, Matharath, Blake, others.

Following the Headmaster Pendergast‘s suggestion that Milia consider enrolling in the Academy if she wished to check out books, the heroes descended back to the Academy’s ground floor— only to remember that it was nearing evening, and the clerk of the Admissions office had already left for the day.

As they considered their next move, sounds of combat drew them out of the Academy and onto a grassy sward, where a group of adventurers were battling strange undead that appeared to be as much plant matter as they did skeletal. In the depths of a herb garden gone wild lurked the malevolent entity controlling these creatures: an inhuman vine horror.

The heroes charged to assist their fellow adventurers, but fate had a dark price in mind for this act of nobility.

As Blake the bard brandished the longsword of Dekkon, ready to charge forward and slice at the foul greenery, the enchantments of the sword and the enchantments of the Academy met in a way that neither of them happened to like…

A flash of light, a thunderclap, and sword and bard were fifty feet from each other, the blade quivering upright in the earth and the bard deep within the vine horror’s overgrown lair.

Despite liberal applications of fire…. very liberal applications of fire… the others could not reach their bard in time. Stunned by the blast, he was an easy meal for the creature, who devoured him and sent his remains out to fight them in turn.

After considerable carnage and the destruction by fire of half the garden, the vine horror was slain. But the party now stands deprived of the guide who had quaffed the potion to find Relanna….. and the night is coming on.

Treasure & Items Gained

- None. Dekkon’s longsword was safely retrieved

Interesting Information Learned

- There seem to be eddies of uncontrolled magical energy flickering around the Academy grounds
- A large house, probably Tarmannan’s, has been seen but not explored



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