Storms over Seawatch

Stairway to Heaven

[Game date: 12/30/11]

Characters present: Vash, Gul, Marduk, Kiendra, and Altair.

Upon emerging from the alchemist’s workshop, Altair ingested the Eyes of Ramoran. The potion’s magic took effect, showing him a bright path through the thickening fog that was rolling in. The divination magic of the potion led the heroes to the Dormitarium.

Within the ground floor’s common room were signs of a recent, but presumably one-sided, struggle— a number of broken bones at the foot of a stairwell indicated someone had recently bashed through a pile of simple skeletons on their way… somewhere. The only ‘person’ visible was one of the Academy’s ever-present ghosts, writing away behind a large desk in apparent distress.

Kiendra approached the ghost, and spied that he seemed to be working on an incident report. Apparently some male trespassers had just violated the sanctity of the ladies’ wing of the dormitory, to the ghost’s annoyance and distress.

The heroes took this as their cue to head upstairs. Marduk volunteered to go first, quietly; but ill fortune was on his side and the orcish sentry at the top of the stairs detected his approach! By their armor, these orcs followed the same mysterious leader who has been responsible for much of the party’s woes to date.

The combat was vicious upon both sides. The heroes had to contend with the long spears of the orcs, their numerical advantage, and their possession of the higher ground. But the enemy had to contend with Gul, who flew into a berserker rage at being called a half-breed by the shaman leading the orcs. Heedless of the enemy’s spears, she charged forward to bash in the head of the shaman with one mighty swing of her two-handed hammer.

After that, the battle was far from won, but clearly Gul had struck a mighty blow. The heroes dispatched the enemy. Gul herself fell from grievous wounds, but the attentions of Altair brought her back to her feet.

The last orc left alive committed suicide after Altair successfully compelled him to drop his weapon. His dying words were, “You’ll never get her either….”

Deciding they had no time to spare, the heroes followed Altair’s glowing path down a hallway to come to a dead end at a big metal door. Marduk did the honors of investigation, and opened the door to reveal… a dead orc, charred to a crisp, lying on the other side of the door in what appeared to be a large bath chamber.

The magical trail continued into the room, but the group was wary about whatever killed the orc. Marduk scaled the close wall to see what he described as ‘small fires’ on the other side of the shower dividing wall.

Treasure & Items Gained

-Masterwork morningstar
-2 potions of cure light wounds



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