Storms over Seawatch

Sent to the Headmaster

For destruction of Academy property, the heroes are sent to see the headmaster.... and have an enlightening discussion.

[Game date: 11/11/11]

Characters present: Vash, Gul, Marduk, Kiendra, and Altair.

After noisily smashing apart the iron defender hound that was lurking in the rotted furniture of the Academy’s administrative office, the heroes realized they had attracted the attention of the school’s spectral guards. Appearing in the doorway, the ghostly captain ordered the party to surrender and be taken to the headmaster to make recompense for their destruction of the guard dog.

While communication was awkward, Altair managed to understand the captain and make himself understood as well. The party agreed to be taken to the headmaster… who turned out to be none other than the same ghost who had chucked a boot at you from his second story window.

There are two other ghosts who seem to occupy the courtyard; they promptly began to heckle the Headmaster as he spoke with the guard captain, prompting the Headmaster to display his power by briefly magicking away Gul’s mouth (to Gul’s great distress). Headmaster Pendergast allowed the party to enter his home and, after some flattery, was persuaded to offer some assistance.

He gave Vash the recipe for a location potion called the Eyes of Ramoran, which guides those who drink it to the subject designated at potion’s creation. (Vash was overcome with fanboyism.)

The rivalry between Pendergast and his colleagues seems to be a fierce one, with accusations of stolen research and magical impotence being thrown around…

With the recipe in hand, the heroes took their leave, and set out towards the Academy’s herb gardens. The rich scents coming from the wild herb patches threw a temporary monkey wrench in their plans as it threw Altair, Gul, and Marduk for a memory-trip loop, but in short order the heroes were plunging into the thick greenery in search of the needed herbs.

But the garden turned out to be holding more than just dill and parsley— a vine horror struck as soon as the heroes entered, and the bones of others slain in the garden rose to join the fight.

Treasure & Items Gained

- Recipe for the Eyes of Ramoran

Interesting Information Learned

- Pendergast claims it is ’Tarmannan’s curse’ that has kept so many ghosts locked on the premises of the Academy.
- Altair notices it is not conventional necromancy animating the bones of the attacking skeleton, but rather a more general and less specific ‘magic’. (Hey, he’s a cleric, not a wizard.)



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