Storms over Seawatch

Never Steal Office Supplies from Wizards

Further exploration of the Academy results in another fight with the spectral guardsmen.

[Game Date: 11/12/11]

Characters present: Milia, Shiris, Blake, Mul, and Arrlin.

With the shopkeeper mimic Koss sated (for now) and a warrior named Mul agreeing to join their quest and lend some needed steel, the group of heroes considered their next course of action. Blake attempted to sense Relanna’s location via the power of the potion he had consumed, but the ambient magical energy in the building has started to interfere with the potion’s effectiveness.

In lieu of a clear magical guide, the group decided to explore some of the adjacent rooms to the shop, discovering two small offices. The first contained a desk which fell apart into rotting wood when Mul eagerly opened it, giving him nothing but a chance at a respiratory infection and a brass drawer-pull for his troubles. There was also a tall cabinet, but when Blake approached it, the clay homunculi guarding it sprang into life and shrieked an alarm.

Milia attempted to quiet the small construct, but not before it called six ghostly guards to punish a theft in progress!

The heroes had a tough battle on their hands— after all, it’s difficult to maneuver against foes whose blades can pass right through your armor, and who can disappear and reappear at will, even passing through solid walls. Shiris called upon Kord’s power to turn the ghosts, but they proved to be resilient specters. Arrlin and Milia caught the worst of it, having a hard time earning themselves the breathing space to call upon their sorceries.

In the end, it was quick and clever thinking that saved the party’s collective bacon— Blake had collected a number of fingerbones from the guardhouse room, and in a desperate gesture threw them onto the floor. Several of the ghosts were distracted by this, and Mul followed suit by hurling the drawer-knob.

This bought the party some breathing room— a precious few seconds in which Mul and Blake managed to get inside the cabinet and find a black clerk’s robe. The bard donned it— and surprisingly, the ghosts seemed to accept him as a clerk of the Academy! After some grumbling, they deferred to his request not to attack the rest of the heroes, and returned to their posts.

With the clay homunculi destroyed, the cabinet was safe to search— amid a number of magically preserved business accounts was a chest of ancient copper coins, two healing potions, and a golden scroll case.

Fairly injured by the conflict with the guards, the party retreated to some small ‘guest bedrooms’ and posted a watch, sleeping uneventfully through the night.

Treasure & Items Gained

- A steel lockbox, with approximately 480 copper coins contained within (500 – 20 given to Koss the mimic)
- A black clerk’s robe
- A scroll case made of gold, etched with powerful runes of abjuration— the spells invoked seem to be enchantments of non-detection and locking
- Two healing potions

Interesting Information Learned

- Several of the ghostly guards who appear here are the same guards that the party had previously ‘dispatched’— apparently, destroying them is not permanent.
- Interestingly, however, the ghosts seem to have no memory of the adventurers, despite having already fought them before.



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