Storms over Seawatch

Honey, I'm Home

[Game Date: 12/27/11]

Characters present: Milia, Matharath, Thud, M.

Night was falling after the fight with the vine horror in the herb garden. The heroes decided to hole up in one of the guest bedrooms rather than try and blunder about in the darkness of a haunted academy.

Strange dreams permeated the sleep of the adventurers, but morning dawned chill and crisp, with nothing having assaulted the party in the night. Matharath once more dreamt of Soren, the cleric of Seawatch, who told him that Kestrel has holed up in her room and is refusing to come out.

The party pondered their options with Blake lost to them and Relanna’s whereabouts still unknown. They returned to the Library and looked through the book of alchemical recipes, finding one for a potion known as the Eyes of Ramoran, which was either identical to the one Blake had consumed or close enough as to make no difference. The party decided to try and duplicate the potion, but how to gather the herbs needed?

They made the acquaintance of the third ghost of the professorial trio, Bao Cheng, and bribed him with the trashy romance novel to sketch out the herbs needed, which he did. Thud also found a botanical field guide, which may prove useful, although like all the other books the heroes have found in the Library, nobody has yet figured out how to remove them without incurring the wrath of the Librarian.

After comparing Bao Cheng’s drawing of the plants with the depiction in the botany book, the group went out to the herb garden, which had been badly destroyed in the firefight the day before. There was a strong scent of baked bread and cinnamon lingering in the garden, which turned out to have a soporific effect when inhaled. Close inspection revealed it was coming from a tall stalky plant with odd blisters upon its stem.

The party found two of the three herbs required for the potion. As they searched for the third, Matharath attempted to skin off one of the blisters from the plant with his knife…. and the plant, of course, attacked.

Fortunately for the heroes, it seemed rooted in place and they were able to escape without significant injuries, although Matharath began to feel very sick indeed as the spores of the basidirond began to take root in his lungs…

The cure suggested in the botanist’s guide was ‘bed rest and strong liquor’, a cure Matharath seems enthusiastic over.

But bed lay many hours ahead. The heroes instead chose to explore the two-story home just north of the herb garden. The building seems to radiate immense magical energy, and is weirdly pristine despite being as old as the rest of the Academy.

The door was not locked. The heroes found themselves in a comfortable sitting room, with a sleeping cat lying upon a cushion. The adjacent room seems to be a personal library, with a writing desk upon which lies a letter, in a shaky hand, abandoned mid-writing.

My dear friend Sandoval,
I trust that you are well. I myself am tired, very tired. I feel the end of the journey is near, but there remains so much yet to

Treasure & Items Gained

- A clump of wizard’s myrtle
- The berries from a kingsblood plant
- A Student’s Handbooke of Herbs and Flora (not with the party, but with the other books at the library)

Interesting Information Learned

- Bao Cheng’s specialty was elemental magic, but he has many hobbies, and horrible taste in literature
- Tarmannan’s house seems to have some sort of ward upon the door, as characters seemed to briefly slow down when they stepped inside it, and Matharath’s quori encountered resistance



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