Storms over Seawatch

Good Thieves Come in Small Packages

Of orcs and attics

[Game Date: 12/31/11]

Characters present: Milia, Zeg, Thud, Matharath.

The party continued hunting through the library but found nothing of immediate interest, and commenced to explore the rest of the house. The ground floor contained a kitchen and dining room, as well as a trapdoor leading down to a presumed basement area. Declining to explore down there for now, the heroes went upstairs, discovering the master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a sitting room, and a room with a very locked door.

Some experimental poking turned out to be shocking— literally— as Thud encountered both a magically warded door and a magically warded chest. The heroes put their heads together and came up with an ingenious grounding solution for the electric jolts released by the traps. MacGyvering, go!

Teamwork and lockpicking got the nightstand open. Within lay a journal and a small glass vial, the latter as yet unidentified.

The group decided to use the same grounding method against the electrically-trapped door. Believing the trap disarmed, Thud touched the door…. and promptly turned into a three-inch-tall jade figurine of himself. Oops.

Thud was picked up and deposited safely (??) in Milia’s bosom. He was still alive, as was confirmed by Matharath’s telepathic contact with his tiny personage, but unable to move or act. The group decided to explore a little bit more before seeking an immediate remedy to Thud’s condition, and headed for the rooftop and the attic.

The attic turned out to be full of dusty bric-a-brac, most of it under canvas. Matharath tripped in the attic and knocked over a jar… which turned out to contain a quasit. The little demon, freed after untold time in the jar, attacked the heroes, but Zeg swiftly slew him with a vicious slash of her mighty axe.

Perhaps prudently, the heroes decided to delay further exploration of the attic in favor of returning to their original mission, which was to find Relanna, and also to find a cure for Thud’s condition.

The latter turned out to be easier than expected— as the group exited Tarmannan’s home, Thud returned to full size. Milia and Milia’s blouse were the worse for this.

After some undignified shenanigans, the party continued on their way to explore the dormitory. Within the common room, they found signs that someone— make that someones— else had recently passed this way, and demolished a few skeletons. They headed upstairs, into the “ladies’ dormitory”, only to have Matharath trip against a wall and clang like a bell.

The orcs at the top of the stairs were not amused.

A fierce fight ensued, made far more difficult for the heroes since the orcs had the advantage of terrain, numbers, and reach weaponry. Eventually, they fought their way up the stairwell and past the long spears of the orcs, slaying the shaman who was the leader of the brutes.

One orc, seeing the tide of battle turn against them, turned to flee down a corridor; one of his own colleagues shot him in the back. The remaining orcs threw themselves into battle with the fanaticism of true zealots.

The orcs were wearing the telltale red ‘N’ that the heroes have learned to associate with Neregh.

Treasure & Items Gained

- A journal presumably belonging to Tarmannan
- An unidentified potion from Tarmannan’s nightstand
- A masterwork morningstar
- 2 potions of cure light wounds

Interesting Information Learned

- The orcs seemed to be at the Academy on a deliberate mission
- Re-entering the house turns Thud back into a jade statuette
- Thud briefly received a vision, while jade-d, of an underground room with four elements represented within it



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