Storms over Seawatch

Flower Power

Who knew gardening could be so dangerous?

[Game date: 11/18/11]

Characters present: Vash, Gul, Marduk, Kiendra, and Altair.

Following the events of Sent to the Headmaster, the heroes fought for their lives (and for herbs) against the menace in the garden! The herbs they needed each grew in a separate area of the garden, but the vine horror and the skeletons that kept reanimating made it a difficult thing indeed to get to them.

After a long and bloody battle, Altair sounded the retreat— two of the three herbs had been gathered, but the third would need to wait until they had licked their wounds and caught their breaths.

Clutching the herbs they had managed to gather, the heroes beat feet away from the milling skeletons. At least they slew the vine horror. Surely it won’t come back too, right?


Treasure & Items Gained

-A clump of wizard’s myrtle
-Several leaves of arbisca



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