Storms over Seawatch

Alchemy for Beginners

Always check the drains.

[Game date: 12/09/11]

Characters present: Vash, Gul, Marduk, Kiendra, and Altair.

Following the events of Flower Power, the group planned a new strategy to get that elusive last herb and not be torn limb from limb by mindless skeletreethings. This time, teamwork and clever planning carried the day— Marduk crept into the garden quiet as a churchmouse, while his teammates provided distractions aplenty, from noise to lights to magic to keep the attention of the garden’s horrors.

With all three herbs achieved, the group set out to find a place to mix the potion. Altair exercised his way with people to get directions from a ghost, and the party set out through a thickening fog to one of the Academy’s out-buildings.

Passing a dormitarium and a classroom, they eventually came across Alchemist’s Alley. Altair continued to pull off some convincing bluffs to persuade the desk-ghost to let them use one of the work-rooms, and Vash was soon boiling and frying up a potion of location.

At least, until the kruthiks living in the room’s drains decided to attack.

The party had a brutal fight on their hands, drained as they were from a day filled with so much exploration and combat already. In the end they managed to keep a lid on things (literally), and the potion was finally finished.

Now, the party seeks some much-needed rest before trying to ingest the Eyes of Ramoran…

Treasure & Items Gained

-A completed vial of the Eyes of Ramoran



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