Storms over Seawatch

A Visit to the Library

The party makes the acquaintance of the Librarian, and has conversations with ghosts.

[Game Date: 11/19/11]

Characters present: Milia, Orion Pax, ‘Huggy’, and Matharath.

After sleeping through most of the day, the heroes awake and contemplate their next steps. The potion that Blake had consumed is still active, but there is too much ambient magical energy for him to get a clear sense of Relanna’s presence. The group decides to resume exploration of the Academy… and hear a clanging presence coming closer.

This turns out to be none other than a warforged sentinel of the Academy, who in better days had been constructed to be one of the Academy’s guardians. The enchantment that bound him to service has slowly decayed, and the warforged has acquired a sense of self-awareness. With no masters to give him further orders, he has been patrolling the halls to clean them.

Once the party explains their mission, the warforged, Orion Pax by name, agrees to join their quest, and they set off…

Passing the Admissions office of the Academy, they see a canine construct ‘asleep’ beneath one of the desks. Matharath attempts to pet it with his staff. This goes about as well as you would expect, but Orion proves his usefulness by recalling a simple command in Sarakan, the magical language used in the Academy’s heyday. He orders the dog to leave off, and the group continues on their way.

Once more, the party encounters the three courtyard ghosts. Orion is able to identify them as a former Headmaster of the Academy, the Archmage Pendergast; and two of his contemporaries, an Eastern wizard named Bao Cheng and a scholar of runes named Cynthia. Once more, Pendergast fails to be able to magically affect the party (to his great irritation).

Finding a stairwell that leads up to the second story and the library, the heroes decide to investigate books! While many of the books the library once hosted have decayed to mere pulp and rot, some volumes have been magically preserved, and the adventurers quickly began to look through the stacks.

Books discovered:

  • An Alkemist’s Handbooke of Common Unguents, Potions, and Formulae, by Ludovic the Singed
  • The Windswept Heart, by Dyanne Lovely; appears to be a somewhat trashy romance novel with a hackneyed plot of an elven maiden and her human lover
  • An Abridged History of the Academy of Tarmannan (volumes I – III), by Thermoline Spall
  • The Nine Gates: being an account of the nine gates of the elements and their applications in planar travel, as observed by Caduceus Johnson, a citizen of Sigil
  • A slim leather volume, with no title or attributed author. The pages appear to be blank.

The last two of these volumes were found in the Special Collections room, which the heroes gained entrance to after a bit of clever subterfuge with the Librarian, and further subterfuge to keep her ‘assistant’ Varthak from realizing they were taking books from the Special Collections room.

The three ghosts encountered earlier all have suites that open directly into the Library. The heroes spoke with both Cynthia and Archmage Pendergast and many lolz were had by all.

Cynthia inspected the golden scroll case and said she believes it to be the work of Tarmannan himself, but that she does not how to open it.

When the heroes prepared to leave the library with their collection of books, they realized that there were a number of clay homunculi throughout the library observing them, and that the Librarian would likely disapprove. They attempted to convince first Cynthia and then Pendergast to give them their blessing to check out the books, but both refused. Pendergast, however, did suggest to Milia that she might consider becoming a student.

On this level, the party also found a room with a magical, topographical map of the region made of grains of shifting colored sand, as well as a different room containing a shrine to Ioun.

Treasure & Items Gained

- Nothing, despite the discoveries, as the party left the books upstairs for now

Interesting Information Learned

- The golden scroll case may have been created by Tarmannan
- Pendergast appears to be able to communicate telepathically, and overhear telepathic communication, under some circumstances
- Cynthia can sense Matharath’s ‘passenger’
- Angering Cynthia gets you a rune on your forehead that does…. something, which Pendergast thinks is hilarious, but won’t explain.



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