Seawatch is a keep on the southern tip of a mountainous peninsula. For over a century, the lords of Seawatch have considered it their duty to keep the surrounding oceans free of pirates, as well as to clear out their equivalents on land from mountain hideaways.

But a storm is brewing on the horizon— a planned invasion by orcs and goblins has been discovered by lucky chance, and Seawatch has sent out a band of hired heroes to try and warn the region of the coming threat.

But this urgent diplomatic mission has been fraught with peril from the beginning— goblin ambushes, sabotaged bridges, ensorcelled rats and spiders, and the grudge that exists between the dwarves of the region and the humans who rule Seawatch. Seawatch’s knight-errant, Sir Dekkon, fell to magical poison early in the mission, and the heroes left him to recover with the Flintburn dwarves.

The motley band of heroes stayed their course, however— they have secured alliance with the Flintburn, and with the Greyforge dwarves, and continued on their way to Gaion, an inland city, to give the warning there.

The city was supposed to be the end of their journey, but things are amiss in Gaion as well. The wife of the city’s Lord Mayor, a powerful seer in her own right, has gone missing, and in her absence the city elders refuse to take definitive action. Lord Mayor Simon Harcourt has requested that the adventurers find his wife, a quest that has taken them from a traveling circus to an enchanted garden to, now, the ruins of the magical academy that once thrived outside of Gaion.

Ghosts haunt the university’s decaying halls, and long-abandoned constructs still guard their posts. As if the undead and the remaining servitors were not enough, the adventurers have reason to believe that orcs may also be in the extensive ruins with them…

Who will find the seer Relanna first….?

Storms over Seawatch

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